I've been called the cleanup hitter because I consistently handle any task assigned with home run effectiveness. To lead off, I have 15+ years of experience in graphic design / web design. Early in my career I was a print graphics designer which helped me to evolve and learn front end web design / development. I am an MVP when it comes to the Adobe CC Suite, HTML and CSS. Although I may have to be sent to the minor leagues when it comes to JavaScript, I am willing to put in extra innings to learn more.

Personally I am a beach loving, tangling, geek who asks for extra long rubber gloves and a JQuery book for Christmas. I am all about sustainable living, growing my own vegetables and making my own laundry soap. I will run the bases for my family and friends and make sacrifices when needed. I enjoy helping others and am currently sponsoring a child in the Dominican Republic through World Vision. A grand slam for me would be the ability to continue working in the field that I am passionate about with the opportunity to learn more while continuing to be true to my authentic self as a geeky, creative, self sustaining, adventuresome woman who will always be a loyal baseball fan.